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Extremely well done

I thought your traffic school website was extremely well done, and--somewhat surprisingly to me--very enjoyable. The lessons were interesting because someone took the time to add interesting photos, traffic related anecdotes, and fun games. All in all, an enjoyable, painless and informative way to get through something no one really wants to go through. I will certainly recommend it highly to anyone I know that has traffic school in their future. --George R.

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Way to go

Your program was extremely well put together, the organization, the internet based interaction, the content and how it was presented. Well done and what a great business. [...] You are providing such a valuable public service. Way to go. --Paul C.

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Thank you very much for your honesty and "keeping to your word". I will certainly recommend your site to everyone I know!! --Yolanda S.

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Smooth and user-friendly

I just wanted to send you a thank you for your great service. Your on-line course was smooth, user friendly and I just received my certificate via FedEx from you right on time as scheduled. You have a great service. Glad I found your group among the many on the list provided by the court. --Tim G.

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Simple and easy to use

I just wanted to say that safe2drive.com was the most simple and easy to use online course. I looked at about 15 other sites offered by my court, but the Safe2Drive website and all the chapters are so simple to do compared to the other traffic school websites. Going right into the course without having to go through the personal information and payments until after I completed the course, just made it ten times better than the competition. I hope I never have to use you again, but if I do it will be safe2drive.com. I will also recommend you guys to all my friends that need traffic school. --James S.

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Safe2Drive was there to help me

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU for all of your help! I was at the whim of the Beverly Hills Courthouse & DMV and Safe2Drive was there to help me. Don't know what I would have done if you were not a company that stood behind your product. I took your class in the beginning of June and when I needed you at the end of October, you were there! Thank you thank you thank you! I posted your info on my Facebook page & would recommend Safe2Drive to anyone I know. Yay for customer service & integrity! --Hilary E.

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Great response time

I didn't get a chance to do your survey at the end of the course, but I do want to say thank you!!!! When I need a question answered your response time was great. I checked all 13 websites offered by the City of Tucson and found yours to be the one!!! -- Debbie S.

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Number one choice

Thank you very much. I hope that there will not be another requirement for traffic school, however should the need arise Safe2drive will be my number One choice. I will spread the word also. -- Marthe

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Keep up the good work

Thank you! I enjoyed the lessons and games. Keep up the good work. Thanks again. -- Mario O.

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Very convenient

Thank you for making this opportunity available. I found it very convenient and appreciated being able to log in and out. The pacing was good, and the games and funny pictures helped a lot [...] it is an excellent course and I found myself thinking a lot about what I'd learned so far when I drove to and from work today. -- Janet S.

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Helpful and attentive

Just wanted to give you a big thank you!! Your course was helpful and attentive! We will definitely use you again!! Hopefully not for a while though! Thanks again. -- Hunter and Danette

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Customer care compliment

Thank you Abbey! You are great!!! -- Bernard

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You are awesome, Safe2drive!!! Immense thanks. -- Margaret B.

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Well executed

I really appreciated the language of the 'class', the casualness, the bit of humor, the variety, the silly games. This is very well thought out and executed. -- Ginia D.

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Efficient and convenient

All is well... I so appreciate your efficiency. And taking the course online was so convenient for me. I'd highly recommend your course to any who might need it. -- Cathi B.

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Wow you guys are amazing, I'm really glad I chose this school, thanks for everything! -- Amanda S.

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First rate

I am sure glad that I chose your company over all the others. Customer service is first rate, your web site is straight-forward and easy to use, and your prices are very competitive. I will recommend you to others who need your service. -- Allen B.

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One of the best

You definitely had one of the better if not best online traffic programs I've experienced! -- Clay L.

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Success is my revenge!

Hello, I have court today. Thank you so much for your online traffic school. I tried everywhere to find one that could provide a low cost, easy to understand, online ID verification. Your 24 hour phone operator was so nice and helpful! I am pushing my luck at the last minute, but the main reason I chose "Safe2Drive.com" was the fact that I can pick up my Certificate at a San Diego location and take it straight to the judge. Thank you so much! Everyone I talked to said I would not be able to complete it AND have my certificate by today. Ha! May Success ....Be My Greatest Revenge! --- Mary G.

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Your course is top-notch

Your course is top-notch!  I shopped around for Traffic Schools before settling with yours.  I am thoroughly satisfied with my decision to use your service. The course is Easy, Fast, and Logical!  Your customer service is Prompt, Helpful, and Friendly! I will recommend Safe2Drive to ALL of my family and friends!  Thanks so much! -- Jennifer G.

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I found your course thorough

I found your course quite thorough, user friendly, and to your credit, reasonably priced.   You covered several psychological aspects of driver safety that weren't taught in driver training years ago.  Road rage,   for example, is a concept that, while it may have existed in rare circumstances long ago,   wasn't covered when I formally took my first driver training. -- Robert


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  Thank you

Thank you. My certificate arrived and has been filed with the court! I think your site is great, and I have recommended it to others. -- Ron E.

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Safe2Drive is the best!

Safe2Drive is the best! I checked out several other online courses and this one blew them all away! This one was easier to navigate the site, easier to go through the course, easier to sign in and out and go back and review what was already done. The best part for me was that I waited until almost too late, but Safe2Drive came through when I was against a deadline since I didn't have to go to a notary or proctored site. Thank you to Carl, you were a great help!!! -- Dale

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No other company could remotely compete!

I just wanted to say the services your fine organization have provided go far beyond anything I expected. Not only has everyone been right there on the phone whenever needed, but with such politeness and obvious kindness that I have been truly amazed. I'm sure there is no other company that could remotely compete with your service and professionalism. -- Alex

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Would recommend to busy professionals!

Thank you for the course. I found it helpful, easy to use, and would highly recommend SAFE2DRIVE  to any busy professional, as I am. -- Joseph

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Very Impressed

I'm very impressed with your program and so glad I was able to use it - will highly recommend. -- Gretchen

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Excellent rating

I was very impressed with this course. The material was relevant, well written, and easy to understand. I believe this should be the required course for all offenders. Every excellent rating was sincerely awarded. -- Sheryl

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You guys are great!

You guys are great! I really appreciate the responsiveness. I have already recommended your site to a couple other of my fast driving friends. It is rare to do business with companies like this these days. Thank you!! -- Garrett

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